If it is true that there is no lie in nature, then it follows that what is learned in nature is also true. In an old alchemical text, I read that a student asked his master how he could live his life in order to achieve a higher spiritual level. The master replied that the example he needed has always surrounded us. He then told the student to learn how to live his life from the plant kingdom, as it is always in perfect harmony with the creation. He then said – move through this life as a bee does. Years later I read that bee’s exist at a higher plane, or resonance than we do. I have also read in mainstream science texts that bumble should not be able to fly, and that science has no explanation. A spiritual text later informed me that the resonance of the bumble bee’s vibration creates a state of weightlessness in flight. Are all these ideas correct? I suspect they are because others have also noted how special bees are and added them to royal coats of arms. Pope Urban VIII comes to mind, along with many others. It is no secret that bees have a queen. It was not until I saw a bee hive defend their queen against a giant hornet that it dawned on me that they communicate at a level that backs up their relationship to higher planes. These are all big ideas but at the end of the day we should always defend and protect bees whenever we can because it is known how much (more than is known) of our food is made possible by bees. This one fact alone should instill awe and respect for every bee we see in this realm. Would you rather have 5G and toxic chemicals, or food? It is on each of us to protect this creation as it provides all we will ever need, and bees play a huge role in our food chain.

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