I have learned that the Creation is the measuring stick and scale for all things, because there is no lie in nature. In the cycles of nature whatever is learned, is learned in truth. This cannot be said of the constructs of men or things called artificial. The ultimate example of the natural world is that it proceeds endlessly, no new batteries needed. At the same time, it is known that our experiences here are based in illusion which is due to constant change. A thing or experience without permanence cannot be considered as real. As the cloud dissipates to become something else, so too does the rock. There is one thing I know of in this realm that is real and it is called gold. For it proceeds unchanging as it stands as a symbol for the sun. Gold was once called “the tears of the sun” and many other sun-related names. In knowing this we look up to the Skyclock, the arbiter of existence in this realm. The Skyclock dictates and influences time in our realm, and there is no experience in 3D reality without time. What we have forgotten about the sun and the Skyclock is likely commensurate with our fallen era. In other words, we have been looking down for too long now. But the truth of the matter has always been in clear view above our heads in that part of the Creation we have forgotten about due to mind warping magicians bent on propagating lies and illusions. Here is how it is done – “The light of this world is actually a nuclear furnace that will eventually burn out and there are “govern”-“ments” in this spinning world that can destroy the Creation with a nuclear button push”. And so the spell has been cast for many decades now as we all wait for the fallen-races to once again look up and “real”-“eyes” that this creation is here for all of us and it encompasses all that we can see, and then some. At that time it is possible spiritual vision will return to men and women, having been lost to malefic spells for many centuries now. And here I rest until the next communication, in an era of malefic spells that seek to destroy those for whom the Creation was made.

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