Until the 20th century, the majority of US births occurred in the home, attended by female midwives and numerous female family and friends. Roughly 100 years later the process of “giving” birth has changed radically, which is true of everything that transmutes into the “for-profit” business model. In the 1970s most hospitals in America started transmuting into for-profit corporations. The current cost of a hospital delivered baby (in the for-profit system) is estimated to be between $10k – $20k depending on the services used and state you live in. If you are uninsured the cost usually goes up. What has also increased is the number of procedures, medications and treatments administered to newborns. We could run down the inoculation schedule for the first 6 years of life, but it would make your head spin. It is no wonder a growing number of parents are considering “natural” childbirth and home birth to avoid the cold sterile overbearing hospital experience – and medication/procedure extravaganza. In this episode we learn more about natural birth and preparation from a homeopathic OBGYN.

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