.5 episodes are one hour and member only episodes.

It has been said that the history of this world is written in the stars, and that no man can change the stars. In our era we struggle at the meanings above, but the symbology still exists. As Ophiuchus struggles to master the evil serpent above, the snake, nonetheless, reaches for the northern crown. Down here in the world our minds are, once again, detecting the symbology, metaphor and intent. And in this we are led to uncover things that have been hidden, in order to comprehend what was previously unknown. In other words, if it looks and sounds like a duck, one must then assume there is a duck, which should be quickly proven. But a thing unproven is still a thing without substance in the world – even though it may exist. To prove existence is the key and the take-away from this episode. In this case a few simple tests will do the job. Until then – I hear a duck but do not yet see it, so now it is time to confirm my suspicions – beyond doubt. To prove that I have heard a duck and not something else, this must be done.

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