With much discord currently surrounding law ideas in online groups we once again seek to cover how law became what it is now, along with ideas about jurisdiction. Clearly there are many ways to skin a cat with regard to processes and systems of Law. As an example, we outline the two forms of opposing government systems operating now, which has been confirmed in court cases. Most of us have no idea what the Civil War was about or the reality of how states currently exist in the context of the so-called federal government – which again, is both corporation and otherwise. What jurisdiction do you reside in? Can it be changed? Is that even something you care about or would you just like to go on living as you have? What forms of law are you subject to? What is the meaning of the gold-fringed American flag? As you can see the questions abound and it is here, we attempt to answer many concerns. This episode offers the best explanation we are aware of and seeks to explain how law came to be what it is in this confusing time. And lastly there is the looming proclamation 2040 (is this a completion date?) that any president could rescind at any time to stop the baffling madness that is our oppressive era of control and confusion. And yet – not one president has made any effort to do so, which should tell you something. You are governed by an American government, which again, has two distinct and opposing forms of government, stealthily running side by side and affording vastly differing rights – or lack thereof.

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