So, what do you think? Is the fallen quality of food in the west related to the attempted world takeover that now infringes on all facets of modern life? It is very clear that as our food was corporatized, quality and nutrition fell. Obesity and a constant rise of nutrition-based health issues stand witness to this truth. If we look around the world at places that have higher quality and nutrition levels in their food, it is almost always culturally connected. Unfortunately for those of us in America, there is very little culture beyond entertainment, and certainly nothing that could relate to healthy food traditions. It has gotten so bad in America that crops are regularly saturated with toxins, and many crops have been genetically modified to tolerate the chemical onslaught. How is it possible that this is done without knowledge of the direct relationship it will have on health? When logos appeared on food, concerns for health and nutrition began to take a back-seat to agendas, profits, market-share and… “control”. In this episode we look at old cultures and the eating traditions that kept them healthy into the modern era. We have a very interesting discussion about diets that include meat, versus diets that do not. We consider fat, which has been demonized for generations in America. Isn’t it ironic that the country that used to be the envy of the world is now overweight and sick, with some of the worst healthcare and food supplies in the industrial world. In point of fact, we are what we eat, and this truth is starting to matter, as food quality is finally being seen for what it is… at least by those who plan to be around for the new era.

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