What has become of the rule of law? For that matter what has become of American democracy? One might argue that democracy, or something like it, existed in America for less than 100 years. Whatever the truth may be, it is quite clear what the American government has become in the modern era. It is a corporation. And who does a corporation serve? A corporation serves the shareholders, as was confirmed in 1919 when the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that “a corporation is organized and carried on primarily for the profit of the stockholders.” So here we are in an era where multinational corporations own and control nearly everything – to include your government. Apparently, this is how one world government is implemented. Long gone are the days where so-called elected officials serve the people. Now corporations, like the CDC, call the shots without a single law being passed, as so-called elected officials parrot their dictates and mandates. Even to the point of coercing unwanted and untested medical procedures, and demanding that living men and women veil their spirit to have access to services. And worse – children being made to breathe their own exhaust fumes day after day. And while this is beyond the pale, something much worse has taken hold. We live in an era where grown men and women have forgotten their God given rights, thereby allowing corporations to run roughshod over rights. And it is this fact that unmasks where the full measure of fault resides… with the people. In reality God given rights do not exist for populations who refuse to defend them. Because, as sure as God made little green apples, there is a corporation ready to take advantage in any way they can get away with, every day, of every week. So, as we witness, once again, corporations preparing to launch their lawless mandates on society, I offer the only reminder you will ever need. You have been granted the Divine Spark of life, and with it rights, which are proven via Freewill. And lastly, you have been granted spirit, which is your breath. And to veil the spirit you were granted because you are afraid is tantamount to creating a world where no rights exist… proven by those who cannot even breathe freely, by their own fearful choices. And this is the goal, and the plan for those participating in the push for a world without God given rights. But luckily, this is not spiritual warfare… right?

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