One might go to a fair. One might wonder if they will be treated fairly, or if they will have to pay a fare, or what fare may be on the menu. We have all been taught that sometimes words have more than one meaning. And yet, there is a hidden usage of language that is dismissed as conspiratorial, but nonetheless existing within the control systems of modern life. Maybe the reason for the rejection is because we were taught to ignore and dismiss such things, because it is just the way things work. And yet, there exists a secret language in plain sight that remains hidden to most of us simply because we have been taught to think very literally. Sadly, there is truth in the old lyric, “Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven”. For our purposes in this episode the “songbird who sings” is a man named Maxwell, whose spirit left to the west a short while ago. He spent years trying to inform us how to read the “sign on the wall” with certainty, because truly, “Sometimes words have two meanings”. How can it be that so many of us were effectively trained to overlook and dismiss what is right in front of our eyes? To this day, if you ask a number of people if there is any correspondence between the “bank” of a river, and a “bank” that holds money, most will say no. Or, ask if being “charged” money or “charged” with a crime relates in any way to an electrical “charge”. You will likely get the same response, no. Ironically, even when folks are shown how to consider this secret play on words, many will still opt to dismiss the possibility. And so goes modern control systems, made possible by education systems designed to create conformity. For those who do catch on, a mental review of being taught to “spell” in “grade school” may have them wondering what a higher comprehension of “spelling” could mean. For those who refuse to catch on, “Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know.” This era of hyper-materialism and fallen morals has been designed to remove us, and our minds, from the truths provided freely via Nature. With this in mind, the following promise: “And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.” Using scrutiny, I offer a closing observation. In our era, the lyric – “when all are one and one is all” likely does not mean what we used to think it meant in the 1970s, because a one world take-over was far from our minds back then. The heaven spoken of in the song I chose to illustrate hidden meaning and language ideas is probably not the Heaven most of us consider spiritually. As far as I know, nobody buys their way into heaven. Therefore, the “lady we all know” may require the very same scrutiny we apply to language, “because we know sometimes words have two meanings”. For my part, I am content with “a tree by a brook, and a songbird who sings…”, and all of the truths that are given to me by acting in accord with Nature. The truths of Nature are offered to us all freely, and when followed these truths exceed no boundary to our detriment, thereby ensuring “our shadows are never longer than our souls”.

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