Clocks and calendars are among the most potent tools in the social engineering arsenal. They can be used to keep men and women out of sync with the natural cycles of Creation. Such manipulations retard well-being and spiritual growth. How is it that the plant and animal kingdoms remain tuned to the ever-changing time cycles? And yet, the apex species of this world has become cyclically detached via artificial devices and approximations of time. As an example, our clocks do not accurately mark mid-day, and the timing of equinoxes is misreported twice a year, as clocks shift one hour each time. To be clear, noon is when the sun is at its apex for the day. And equinox timing is dependent on one’s geography and should be known when day and night are of equal length. And, of course, daylight cannot be saved, so changing clocks by an hour twice a year is simply agenda-based manipulation. Each day we are conditioned to accept false time, and each equinox is falsely reported, late in the spring, and early in the fall. Longer periods of time are also muddled and hidden. We should ask, was there actually a golden age? Ancient temples and architecture exist that demonstrate that there was. In India alone we can find many examples of human achievements beyond our current reckoning. Though, we have begun to realize that time is not linear, but cyclical in nature. So again, if there was a golden age we must cyclically arrive there once again, at some point. Are we in a descending cycle now, or are we currently blessed with an ascending position in the cycling eras? Based on many years of interest in these ideas, I currently accept that we are in an ascending cycle of consciousness and spiritual expansion. If this is true, what does that tell us about the world-wide effort aimed at finite technical control? It implies that these efforts will fail in the long run. After all, nature bats last, and that position is called clean-up. In nature there is no lie, and when time is intentionally manipulated it serves to separate us from truth, spiritual growth and the cycles of nature. It is critical that we determine what cycle we are in, so that we can determine where we have been, and where we can go from here. Artificial nonsense be damned.

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