Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun. So don’t get caught in the crossfire of medical and nutritional malice and blown upon the steel breeze. You don’t want that look in your eye like black holes in the sky…

And while I could go on and on like this, the main point is your health is your responsibility. What you eat, nutrition and medical procedures, are all on you, and they always have been. The mention of nutrition may be the most important idea with regard to health (and avoiding medical malice). Unfortunately, in this era most of the food supplies we have easy access to are sorely lacking in nutrition. This is the reason for episodes like this one. It is not hard to learn about what the body needs to remain healthy. It is not hard to avoid foods and drinks that are obviously damaging to health. And lastly, it is not hard to find quality supplements to bolster nutrition – just ask our guest. The days of eating chemicals (pharma pills) or being injected with who knows what without comprehension, will one day come to an end. Those of us still standing will likely constitute the remnants of this era, being those who will take us into the future. So, let’s end here in the way we opened.

Maybe they reached for the power too soon. Maybe they’ll cry at the moon – So come on you truther you winner and loser, come on you miner of truth and delusion and shine.

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