There is currently a growing information gap between the so-called baby boomers (born before 1965-ish) and generations Y (born early 80s-90s) and Z (born near 2000). In past cultures important information and learning were passed from parents and grandparents to children. In those days culture was based on something very different than it is today. Culture in the west could be currently defined as entertainment based. In the modern era lack of reality-based culture has further divided information exchange between generations. To make things worse, with regard to information access, search returns online are now largely based on “user profiles” which seek to elicit maximum clicks based on prediction, making information value secondary at best. Valid information exchange across generations appears to be at an all-time low, with the wisdom of age playing a shrinking role in what the young generations are learning. This episode is about building a bridge from older lives to younger lives in order to offer information that is held as valid and useful by those with the wisdom of age. Accessing information online is becoming more controlled, censored and agenda driven. Is valid information return the goal of any modern search engine? While books are not easily edited the internet is constantly edited and censored at will. Often by the largest corporations in the world, who do so based on agenda and business concerns. It is getting more difficult by the day to search for and find valid information, and what you find today, may be gone tomorrow. This brings to mind the barn wall in the book Animal Farm. I guess we were all warned, it is just unfortunate we were too young to grasp the realities in play and the reason for the warning in the first place. Now, for those of us who have grown older and hopefully wiser, it is time to offer what we know and have learned to the generations behind us who will surely face pressures and change unknown in recent history. Isn’t it ironic that the prescribed scholastic reading list for students from 7th to 12th grade literally warned us of what is coming to pass? Is anyone with the wisdom of many decades willing to call this coincidence? Or, is it better described as careful planning? Maybe someone should tell the generations coming behind us as it is quite likely games and entertainment have their attention right now – by design.

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