I imagine most of us think of cancer when we hear the word tobacco, but this was not always the case. There was a time before the corporate adulteration of tobacco. Tobacco is made in nature, which means it serves a purpose in this creation, and as our guest informs us, has a deep-rooted relationship with humans. The plant itself is actually quite beautiful, with flowers that lend themselves to identification of particular types of tobacco. A quick image search for “tobacco flowers” will begin to bring your mind back around to recognizing this amazing plant’s natural state in the creation. The perception of tobacco used to be very different before the modern era. In those times tobacco smoke was known to carry prayers straight to heaven, so to speak. In the Chaco Canyon region of the southwest I was informed by a tribal elder that tobacco was used in the rain ceremony. Simply put, pipes are employed to smoke the tobacco while the clouds of smoke are “imagined” (the key and intention) to be rain clouds. A sober mind might ask – would a culture who has to work hard for everything they have expend energy on things that do not work? For my part, not on your life! But this is the difference between a culture tied closely to nature and one that has been separated from it, as we have been… mostly. To make the point, the so-called classics (myth, literature) that used to form the foundation of education were created by cultures intimately tied to nature. In this truth is found the underlying value (and keys), just beneath the surface narratives. So, let’s see if there is a difference between corporate-processed tobacco and the real McCoy – made in nature, and unadulterated.

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