Many folks have listened to the law episodes and seem to think that with the right magical piece of paper, all legal trouble will go away. This is not the case and this mindset is actually a good way to get into real trouble. The point of the law-based episodes is to facilitate comprehension. Here, again, we will do our best to shed light on the realities of dealing with legal issues. One size does not fit all, there is no magic document to put your name on, and then submit. Law and legal ideas are by far the most complex (man-made) systems we have ever covered. One might say these systems are an intentionally confusing labyrinth designed to take advantage of the unknowing. But then again, how is it that we, as a society, have forgotten our rights? In my mind this is where it all begins. In this era, you must know your rights in no uncertain terms. Comprehending and claiming what the Creator granted you is bedrock, for all that follows in this realm! So much of what goes on in local municipalities might be better described as corporate policy, but nonetheless it is in full force now, based on generations who forgot what their rights were, and then failed to demand and protect them. The current system cares not about protecting your rights (that is on you) and will chew you up and spit you out if you do not KNOW what you are doing and why. Know what you are doing and how and why you are doing it. A good rule of thumb is that all correct legal strategies succeed and can be replicated time and again, without fail. Lastly – KNOW YOUR RIGHTS! If you do not know who or where you are, how can you possibly know where you can go?

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