This episode begins with a couple who hold their position under pressure, and win. As one door closes behind them, another door opens to their future, far from the city lights. Rights violations and illegal pressures are evident in this account, which is what leads to their departure from city living, having held their position. In the account of corporate pressure, it also becomes clear that the long-time employer had no concern for rights or illegal dismissal, even after a wrongful termination settlement. Following their departure from the city, blue skies open as they set out to become self-sufficient and build community to include natural birth and the education of young minds. You may want to tip your hat and smile at this point in the account. As the old song goes – “Somewhere out on that horizon. Faraway from the neon sky. I know there must be somethin’ better, And I can’t stay another night”. At the end of the day this is an account of what it means to exist in the common era. And more than that – to know we have freewill and choice which is, and always has been ours. We will all build whatever comes next and must hold on high the fact that there is no lie in Nature – the Creation. We have a stable foundation, if we open our eyes and appreciate what we have been granted from on High.

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