The Reckeweg homeopathic remedies represent the best available remedies in the modern era. I have not found a good explanation of each available remedy in English so I asked Fortune de Saint Germain to give an exhaustive breakdown of the Reckeweg remedy line to include mixtures, dilution and other key ideas. Having used these remedies, I will never go back to allopathy unless it cannot be avoided. Due to the work of a certain senator, who we mention, we all have over the counter access to homeopathic remedies for all time. It is time to get to know about the power of homeopathy and this episode is an effort to put on the record, in English, the basics. It is my sincere hope that many lives benefit from this information. I would like to wish you all a happy, healthy and higher-minded new era. For it is we who will actually shape what comes next – if we choose to.

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