Logan returns by popular demand. Once again, we cover ancient methods for soil preparation and growing food in general. Of the ancient techniques we cover I consider the process to be like soil alchemy. It should be clear to all at this point that if you wish to be free of systems, growing food will need to be part of your life. As the cost of goods and services creeps beyond what is acceptable, those who wish to remain free of systems need to get back to basics. This episode is a follow up from episode 413 which resulted in many emails requesting we have Logan back. At the end of the day, much of what we cover here could be considered appreciation for Natural Law. There is no lie in nature and the processes of nature will occur, like clockwork. While our world is illusory, the laws beneath it all are not. Water will boil when the proper conditions are met – the sun will rise on time each day without fail. It is in these truths we can begin to get back to freedom of systems and the astonishing freedom killing over-reach of our era.

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