There is a reason that education 90 years ago was founded on classics. An educated person, in that higher-minded time, was taught to read in Greek and Latin to enable them to read the classics in these older languages. Again, from a much higher-minded and serious time. In the modern era the classics are all but removed from the classroom. This has ensured massive blind-spots and lack of comprehension, with regard to what it means to be a higher-minded human, and how archetypes have been, and always will be used. The Simpsons is now considered an American classic, but is actually low-minded programming aimed at the gutter of life. There are endless other examples like this now. Learning and culture have been replaced by entertainment, delivered from the gutter – to the gutter. By design. No longer are the highest aspirations of the human condition sought after and touted. These ideals have been cleverly replaced by sex, violence and death-based entertainment. And yet these very underhanded entertainment schemes leverage archetypes, now invisible to the masses, for want of meaningful education. Such an education is on the individual now – self education, to be clear. Grab your books before the libraries begin to close in the face of a controlled digital onslaught that ensures all words and ideas can be edited and controlled at will. Ironically, a book you read in school warned of this time. It was called Animal Farm and it introduced you to the barn wall (constantly edited). Is it by chance that low-minded animals are the example and the focus? If you wish to aim high in this era of nonsense, collect, save and read the classics. Aspire to the lofty possibilities of this existence, as one who has been granted the Divine Spark and Freewill. Self-guidance and creative power are granted to you! Turn your back on low-minded nonsense! Learn to detect a cracked bell that will not ring true, and reach for the stars, as we are granted beneficiaries of all we can see. After all, the 12 labors of Hercules confirm the Skyclock as the arbiter of what we all must do here. Unfortunately, very few of us know who Hercules (Heracles in Greek) was, or the lofty ideals his myth represents. His myth is one of many, and they all have meaning at a higher level, while remaining firmly fixed to the natural word – where there is no lie.

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